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Backtrack Ninja Dragon Logo


Over 200 of these graphics where given to Johny Lonng as a donation to “Hackers for Charity” at Defcon 2009. These decals completely sold out in under 2 hours.

This is an excellent design of the world leading Security Distribution BackTrack Linux. BackTrack Linux has quickly become the “de facto” standard for IT Security Pros. People all around the world use BackTrack as a Live CD/DVD, bootable thumb drive, or virtual machine to conduct IT Security training and Live penetration testing against networks of all sizes and complexities. More information about this excellent Distro can be obtained at www.backtrack-linux.org.

The incredible developers and maintainers of BackTrack Linux offer outstanding “Offensive Security” training in both Online and Live formats. Their meticulous strive for perfection can be seen in their course materials which include: Course Guide, Video Tutorials, and VPN access to their Lab network. Be advised, this is NOT your “typical” IT Security training course with a simple study guide and multiple choice questions. It’s challenging keyboard pounding live exercises against a live network. I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves IT and/or a great challenge. For more information about this excellent training check out www.offensive-security.com

NOTE: It appears that the most common use for this graphic is being applied to laptops and netbooks. Therefore, this design has been slightly updated to better withstand the demands of the unique abuse of laptops when they are constantly being put into and removed from laptop cases and backpacks.